8 Things I Love Being in Midlife Crisis

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midlife crisis

Photo by Michael Hull

Okay, I’m not really sure if I’m in midlife crisis but the symptoms are all there. (And unless I would see a doctor, they would remain symptoms.) But whatever stage of life I’m experiencing right now, I’m embracing it. I’m savoring every moment of it and I’m loving it. This state of life has done a drastic change in me and I’m thankful it did because of these eight things.

I Found My Calling

For more than twenty years, I was going with the flow although I didn’t know where the road was taking me to. I was trying to fit in so I wouldn’t be lost. But I lost my identity and this crisis has led me back to where I should be.

I Acquired New Skills

Painting isn’t new to me. I have always been dreaming to see my own masterpiece hanging on the hallway of Le Musee du Louvre. But if it wasn’t because of midlife crisis, I wouldn’t be able to hold and stroke a paintbrush with oil on a canvas.

It Unleashed My Alter Ego

It looks like the once timid and shy cry-baby has reached her semi-full potential and turned into an adventurous tigress. Lol! I still cry, of course. I just became bolder. The crisis has given me a different level of courage, perharps.

I Took Time to Travel

I enjoyed going on trips with  friends but during this crisis, I find traveling alone more appealing. And scary, and fulfilling and fun and that I-must-do-this-very-often feeling.

I Gained My Youth

I laugh more. I smile more. I play more. I love more and I don’t mind if I’d get hurt in the process. I forgive easily. And most importantly, I dream big like a child.

I Learned to Love Myself

I cared less about myself. I couldn’t even fix my hair. Now, I can spend an hour in front of a mirror.  Call me a narcissist but it is actually an understatement. I love myself so much that I’m ready to do whatever it takes to give way for my dreams to come true.

I’ve Become A Minimalist

My two-day-old little boy’s death taught me not to attach myself to anything. It taught me to value things while they’re around and let go when it’s time for them to leave. His death has also taught me not to keep things, but treasure experiences and memories.

I’ve Become A Full-time Mom

Well, this part may not be a result of my crisis (bravo!). I quit my 8-5 job not because I didn’t feel like working anymore. I gave it up thinking that being a hands-on mom pays off more than my day job. And with my minimalist mind, I was right. It was a tough decision but so far, it was one of the best.

I may not have bought a sports car or skin-dipped into the Dead Sea or bungee-jumped off Mount Everest but this midlife crisis has turned my life around the way I want it to be. It has taken me to heights I knew nothing about. It allows me to find a missing piece I didn’t realize I was looking for. So for me, this isn’t midlife crisis. This is a breakthrough.


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