Welcome to Light Network Bloggers Group. We have a mission to communicate hope to our viewers… as well as our readers and followers on line. Your story, experience, or insight can make a difference in someone’s life, have a positive effect for change and bring back hope to live life to the fullest. Or you just want to share articles for the young people, church minister or make a review of Hillsong concert.

If you are still reading this line, we believe that you are beginning to become one with our mission. We are excited to hear from you and make this platform to influence one netizen at a time.

But hey…

Why Write For Light Network Blogger Group?

Well, we already told you about motivating our viewers a bit. That’s pretty big inspiration! Our station is broadcasting message of hope all around the globe, through television and the internet.

But here are some more reasons why we want you also contribute:

  1. Our faithful online visitors.

We have thousands of visitors monthly who consistently check up on us and see what new stuff we’re churning out in our website. Either they watch previous episode or read latest articles. It only means, your article will be read by our loyal followers. We won’t gloss over it; we feature every article we accept and feature it in our social media sites.


  1. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, oh my!

We have 215k+ likes on Facebook, and that’s growing every day. And as soon as your article is published, we’ll not only publish it on our Facebook, but our Twitter as well. We also enjoy posting photos with article/caption on Instagram.


And if our followers really like it, hey, we may even repost it months down the road for our newest followers to check out.

You don’t have to do the math to know that the probability of your article being viewed and shared is pretty high. We can provide you analytics of your article, of course!

  1. Our online coordinators are super nice. Like, really. As in!

If you’ve ever submitted articles before, you might be familiar with the submissions process of many site. You e-mail an article to mysterious e-mail, and you either never get a response, or you get a response weeks or months later saying it’s published, but they’ve edited it and changed it around so much that you barely recognize it.

That’s not us. We’re all about communication. If you e-mail us, you will get an response. And if we want to make edits, we will make the edits, then send them back to you for approval. We want your voice to be heard as much as you do, and we will try our hardest to work with you on it – not just cast it aside without a word!


Where Do I Submit?

Can’t wait to submit already?  Awesome!! We know you’ve got some great stuff floating around in that big brain of yours.

If you’ve got a great story that you know it will touch lives, e-mail it to us – our email is at the bottom.

What Are Our Guidelines?

We’re happy to work with you, but we do have a few guidelines we’d like you to follow to make the process a little easier.


  1. Please keep your articles related to MOTIVATING people inside out.

An entertaining movie turned inspirational, from bankcruptcy now an entrepreneur story, a testimony of positive result.. it could be yours or someone’s life that you know, once read by our followers, will like and feel that got-to-do-that feeling too..BE INSPIRED.

  1. The article must be unique

It means that it has not been published anywhere else (unless you have your own blogsite), and it won’t be published anywhere else other than our page (and yours of course). If you want to customize or change another story you’ve written, that’s okay – just send the link to the original piece so our team can check it out. But original, 100% unique stuff is always the best.


  1. Word count should be around 600 – 1500 words.

No essay-long stuff please. Attention-span of our readers are very quick. So keep it short.

  1. Please submit your story with a headshot of your face, as well as a short (2 or 3 sentences) bio.

If you send a long profile, we will shorten it ourselves – and we don’t want to omit any important information.

  1. If you state a fact, back it up.

If you mention a study (e.g. “According to a study conducted by the Department of Health, 25% chance to survive”), please make sure to link to the study or credible source.

  1. Please don’t double space after sentences!

Just one space will do.

      7. Always Focus On Creating Strong Headlines

According to Copyblogger, 80% will read your headlines and 20% will read the rest of your content. So spark interest thru your headlines.


What Works Best?

I know you are excited to submit but before you start writing, take note of this: there are certain types of stories that work and pick up a bunch of online netizens to read, and certain types that do not. Even if your article totally rocks, our followers might not pick up on it.

When you write a story, who doesn’t want it to go viral? Well, we do!!!

To help you, these are the elements that will help you get lots of readers.

  1. Good organization

Lists are always the good finds in SEO. “Top Scriptures to inspire”, “Best places to Visit with Your Family”, “Ten Christian Celebrities Influencing 2015”, and so on and so forth. The lists go on. People tend to read good lists. Just make sure your list is short and briefly discussed to spur attention. Organize your thoughts, your  paragraphs, your break-up section.


  1. A Whoa-Portion

This means a brief conclusion that sums up the article. Don’t just leave them hanging. End your article that will make them excited to do similar or unique stuff that will leave them amazed.

  1. Leave the readers “What’s-In-It-For-Them” rule of thumb

Everyone loves a good testimony, but don’t just write your experience. Let your reader think and ponder, why should they care and what they can also do to make a difference or contribute to someone’s life.

  1. No Hard-to-Understand Jargon factor!

Don’t throw a whole ton of jargon at our readers. Explain. Be relatable. Give some context and some personality. A good rule of thumb is to pretend like you’re talking to someone who knows nothing about the topic—then build out from there.

  1. Keep it positive and inspiring. MOTIVATE!

If you are motivated, it will transcend in your writing. Keep it light. Keep your stories uplifting. We’re all about keeping it real, but no doom-and-gloom or bashing others, please.

  1. Got authentic images or inspiring video? Great!

If you prefer sharing your tips and insights through the spoken word, that’s awesome. Just send us a link to what you’ve done so we can review it. While content is always king, we do require the videos to look professional and engaging. And of course the source should be original. Our website will be your window to the world.

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