About Us

About Us

The first PHILIPPINE channel to FULLY migrate on DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION last March 1, 2017.

Light Network channel 33 was  launched 2011 under the ownership and management  of  ZOE Broadcasting Network, Inc.  It is the Philippines’ first  and one-of-a-kind motivational and inspirational TV station that aims  to help viewers  achieve abundant  living through effective, relevant, wholesome and timely TV  programs that communicate hope.

We enlighten the viewers and enrich lives thru our programs. But aside from that, our company is also an emerging marketable TV station ready to air commercial and corporate TV Ads, as well as plugs for advocacies, election campaigns, schools, churches, and government



Top motivational TV network in the Philippines


To communicate hope to all viewers


  • Love for God
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Unity



                       It was in 1984 when the vision for the Good Commercial Television was conceived, but it was only in April 12, 1998 that it was birthed. With the formal launching of ZOE TV 11, the stage was set for the entrance of innovative TV Network, a breakthrough in the history of Philippine Television Broadcasting.

                    In 2011, ZOE launched Light TV, Kaibigan Mo!, being recognized as the first “Kaibigan” TV network that tries to portray the genuine, eternal and most intimate friendship Jesus Christ has to offer to everyone.

                Came March 2014, and Light TV 33 was repackaged as LIGHT NETWORK 33, with the purpose of increasing awareness, appealing to new markets and broadening its reach. Furthermore, LIGHT NETWORK 33 aspires to reach a wider scope of audiences by not limiting its target viewers to the Christian market but to non-Christians as well who may have a lot of unanswered questions, going through many confusions, or are simply looking for a “lighter alternative” in our tainted television industry.

                       Now more than ever, ZOE offers viewers a different taste of television: good, balanced, rich, and innovative. GOOD because it is inspired by God; BALANCED because it favors Truth alone; RICH because it covers every aspect of human existence; and INNOVATIVE because it never ceases to find the better alternative to always give the viewer a better choice.