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Derek Gehl is a serial Internet entrepreneur, international speaker, author and digital marketing authority who’s companies have collectively sold over $110,000,000 online over the past 18 years.

After graduating from high school in 1996 where he’d spent two years in grade 12 due to undiagnosed ADD, he moved from one minimum wage labor job to the next until he decided there must be a better way. So he enrolled in a local computer college to learn computer programming where he made two life changing discoveries…

First he discovered that computer programming was NOT for him.

And second, he discovered the “Internet”, a place where you could set up a website and sell just about anything without any formal education or experience.

He was hooked.

After a year of learning the ropes in the world of online business, Derek met his mentor and future business partner the late Corey Rudl, an Internet marketing pioneer and legend.

Together Derek & Corey built the Internet Marketing Center which quickly became the largest company in the world dedicated to building tools and strategies to help ordinary people build life changing businesses online.

After selling the Internet Marketing Center, with 100+ employees and offices in two countries, to a private equity group and stepping down as CEO in 2008, Derek dedicated himself to building what he calls “Lifestyle Businesses”, those are businesses that give you the freedom to work when and where you want.

After building a variety of online lifestyle businesses in various niche markets Derek came full circle back to his real passion in 2011: Helping ordinary people start and grow life changing businesses on the Internet.

And today you might find him…

  • Presenting at one of the 25+ live events around the world he’s invited to speak at every year.
  • Running his private online community where he shows new digital entrepreneurs how to create their own lifestyle business on the Internet.
  • Hosting the weekly Podcast.
  • Running one of his other online businesses in the health and real estate niches.
  • Skiing & mountain biking at Whistler Mountain or travelling the world with his family.

Or simply hanging out with his wife and kids in West Vancouver where he lives and runs his digital empire and virtual team from his home office.

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