HR Revamp: Millennials at Work

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21st century workers as catalyst of change in the workplace

By: Joy Ann Vanessa Ruado

Millennials, as we all know, have been labeled by some as the “ME, ME, ME” generation — the generation who doesn’t value the art of patience and perseverance; the generation who wants everything done in just a snap of their fingers.

Some would even point that we are the generation who values self – centeredness rather than connectedness.

But hey, not all millennials are like that!

Hearing these stereotypes make us want to strive hard to prove that we are more than a stereotype.

In line with that, HRDM – 4- 1N will be conducting a seminar entitled, HR Revamp: Millennials at Work. The seminar aims to equip millennials as they enter the corporate world. What are the attitudes and skills they need to have to adapt in the dynamic corporate world. Why is there a need for sound knowledge in work ethics and all other aspects that is relevant in today’s workplace? These and the other things above mentioned will be the core of the seminar; knowing that all the delegates may grasp something relevant from the speakers.

Our speakers came from respected organizations in the country. We have, Sir Darwin Baetiong, the HR Manager of Telstra as our Motivational Speaker. Sir Paul Rivera, CEO of Kalibrr, will also share his insights as our Resource Speaker. The keynote speaker will be announced soon.

Exceptional performers will also grace the stage as they fill the place with poetry, singing, and dancing! Dzeli Del Mundo, a spoken word artist from Sining at Tadhana collectives will capture your hearts with her wordplay. Power Impact Dancers Slaydies, a subgroup of PID, will raise the hype with their relentless moves and Princess Vire, host and performer at Net 25 will complete the package with her voice and charm.

Millennials are the future catalyst of change in the workplace.

Come and get REVAMPED with us on February 10, 2017 (Friday) at Bulwagang Balagtas on Polytechnic University of the Philippines.


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