Join the Fight for Health and Taste with AffiniTea

Posted on Posted in Media Partnership 2015

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The lingering tug of war between good health and good taste is an old tale. People have always had to give up one to gain the other; you either choose to be healthy or choose to eat good-tasting food. You simply cannot have both, right?

Good health has proven to be the most important thing that people seek to invest in but its precedence sometimes loses to the immediate yet temporary satisfaction of good taste. AffiniTea has fought to combine both of these into one refreshing cup to provide the healthiest and best tasting drink on the market and prove that good health and good taste are way better when combined.

But this fight cannot be won without your help. Join the fight! Promote health and garner income while making these amazingly refreshing drinks available to your community. AffiniTea offers affordable franchising packages whose guarantee is built upon the steady and timeless pursuit of healthiness that is unaffected by other food and market trends in the country.

Be the champion of health and taste in your community and be a part of the AffiniTea team!

Interested franchisers may contact AffiniTea Philippines at +(02) 399-5335,  may email questions at [email protected] or visit their website at

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