Kapangyarihan ng Kadiliman: Kontrahin ang Kababalaghan

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Book on Countering Occult Powers Launched at the Manila International Book Fair 2016
Even in the 21st century, some get sick with ailments modern medicine can’t explain or cure. Some are
able to see duwendes, kapres, ghosts, and even demons. Some are able to harm others even when they
are far away. OMF Literature, Inc. released the book Kapangyarihan ng Kadiliman: Kontrahin ang
Kababalaghan by Pastor Hiram G. Pangilinan at the 37th Manila International Book Fair, to shed light on
these supernatural powers and more.
In this third book in the Kababalaghan series, Pastor Pangilinan exposes the reality of these
supernatural powers, and the devil and his demons behind such powers that have a hold over spirit
practitioners and those they seek to influence. Drawing from his many years of experience in spiritual
warfare ministry, Pastor Pangilinan tells how to counter the effects of these demonic powers through
the power of Jesus Christ.
Kapangyarihan ng Kadiliman: Kontrahin ang Kababalaghan is affordably priced at P75. It is available at
OMF Lit Bookshops, Passages Bookshops, Philippine Christian Book Stores, and other leading bookstores
nationwide, and may be ordered online at www.passages.com.ph. It will soon be available at National
Book Store branches. It can also be downloaded in e-book format. For more information, please call
OMF Lit bookshop at +63(2)531 43 03 local 201 or 203 or email [email protected]

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