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“Yes Coach! Yes Coach! Yes Coach!”

One great lesson I got from joining network marketing is appreciating the value of being mentored and emulating successful people in everything that they do. In network marketing (any business or in any major undertakings), you cannot succeed by simply doing things on your own. I am not saying that you blindly copy all and you don’t improvise. You can adjust if you feel that things can be improved. What I am saying, however, is that you need to look for a successful person in that field, and let that person mentor you in your journey.

Learn from those who made it big. Understand their tricks. Practice what they do.


“Be Mentored” and getting our hands dirty are my key take-aways from the talk of Kevin Green — UK’s Secret Millionaire, Business Coach and Property Investor. He was one of the speakers at the recently concluded National Achievers Congress Philippines (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness”. These are the same learning I got from joining network marketing.

He said that it is important for us to realize that for us to succeed, we need to get our hands dirty. That is why he is not a fan of pursuing academic excellence. (Based on my quick research, he is dyslexic — some people see this as a crutch.) Academic milestones for Green doesn’t make huge impact in whatever you are doing. He emphasized that value-adding education comes from “real world” experience. Thus, he preached that for us to really learn, we need to reach out to people who actually made it.

He proudly shared to the audience that he was mentored by two business greats — Robert Kiyosaki and Sir Richard Branson. And his learning taken from his mentors helped him became what he is today. (Based on my quick research, he was homeless in 1988.)

He shared his learning from Branson. These were:

“Never ever waste a second of your time.”

“Always become the observer in business — be the manager, not the front-liner.”

Green, in his talk, also shared his different views re “leveraging on debts” with Kiyosaki. His is zero-property debt by year 10. He explained why they have different take on this.

One thing that I got from his talk about his mentors was that we need to learn from those who succeeded in whatever they are pursuing. However, we can always customize our success based on our circumstances and our own gifts. Emulating successful people is not comparable to a technical manual where we need to take steps in a certain measure and order.

Note: This message is quite similar to the message of the blog entry “Customize Your Success” (

Further, this believer of “real world education” emphasized the importance of us taking life challenges head-on. He said that having no resource should not serve as a crutch for you not to succeed in life. Also he said that pain is a normal part of moving up. To rub his point, he shared that if the pain of where he is IS NOT GREAT ENOUGH, then it will not motivate him to change. He said that we need to aim to be the best that we can be despite all challenges hounding us. And, if we can give more than our 100%, do so because that is where we’ll get the results.

Another point that I got from Green is the value of institutionalizing a system. He said that systems led to his success. Without a real system that runs things consistently (complementing your people and technology), then success may not be guaranteed and sustainable. Using systems helped him became a property demigod that he is now.

By the way, I’d like to share the gist of his “Property Rich Rule”. (1) We trade three properties for profit (using debts), and use these profits to buy one property as a cash-flowing investments. (2) Then, we pay off all the property debts by year 10. If you want to know more about his property rich rules, I suggest you get his book The Rich Rules: Steps to Wealth & Happiness“.

Another important take-away from Green was the power of self-belief. He said that we have to whet our appetite every day to go after our dreams. We can always “stay hungry”, according to him, by shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” everyday after waking up. This is explained well in this blog entry  “Stay Hungry—“.

As a recap, there were so many value-adding insights from listening to Green (which I really can’t completely place here). These included being mentored, real-world education, using systems, his property rich rule and the power of self-belief. One thing though that I would never forget in his entire talk is the value of having fun.

He said that in whatever we do, have a huge fun in the process.

Note: NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner.



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