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“I Have Not Started Either — the most comforting words for any student.”

It brought to my mind the time when I was a student myself. My classmates would talk about certain school projects or examinations. Then, I would wait for someone to say that they have not started doing anything. Once someone shared his failure to act on something, the rest would usually echo or pretend that he had not also started with anything. I guess what they say that “misery loves company” rings a truth to it.

I teased my sister about this, and I had a blast as she shared her own experience.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was the one paying for her education. And that sort of changed my perspective.

I then blurted, “I don’t like that you are getting used to that”. So I went to my usual litany as her eldest sibling…

… Do not put good money to waste.

… You need to plan and prioritize your activities.

… Never aim to accomplish something that is just passing.

Anyhow, I knew that it was just for a laugh. I didn’t pound hard on my sister. We of course had fun exchanging personal experience about that “most comforting words to students”. How, we believe, cramming would most of the time work in beating school deadlines.

On a serious note…

I think, however, that, as we become adults, most of us have not outgrown those “comforting words”. We usually fail to plan and prioritize our activities. And we like to hear other people admit that they have the same dilemma as ours.

“I am ridden in debts… You too?”

“I have not also started setting aside money for emergency?”

“We can start on vendor canvassing for that project next month since the deadline is still far.”

One thing that most of us fail to realize is that the environment we had when we were students is quite different when we are already a working adult.

At school, we usually don’t need to earn a living. You don’t need to pay car or house loan amortizations. You don’t need to worry about the utility bills. You don’t need to think about the food that you need to place on the table. There is no need for you to think about the education of your kids or your siblings. And other “basic” things we need to worry about. Thus, slacking may be forgivable.

And we are not yet talking here about leisure and luxury — travels and vacations, big house and new car.

A lot of us, I believe, are usually still stuck in that “student-like” situation and mentality — a student who is just completing things as merely passing and just receiving allowance. A sad reality, yet a lot of us rant about pursuing financial freedom.

Friends, here is what I want all of you to take from this entry.

Pursuing financial freedom, or whatever dreams you have, requires that we have strong foundation on the basics — which includes “attitude”. We cannot become a successful fund manager, well-loved CEO or a famous author, if we retain the attitude of doing things as merely “passing”.

It will never materialize without pursuing “intentional” excellence.

As most of our business pundits keep on emphasizing, for us to be successful, all of our actions should be intentional, and never accidental. Please, do not expect that a sack-load of money will be dropped in front of you. That will never happen. You got to mean all your actions to get what you want.

Again, it has to be INTENTIONAL.

Hope this could help you realize what you are pursuing.


Note: I attended the recent  NATIONAL ACHIEVERS CONGRESS PHILIPPINES (NACPH) 2016, “The Pursuit of Wealth and Happyness” with Mr. Chris Gardner as Keynote Speaker at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The event was brought to us by Laurus Enterprises (LAURUS) and Success Resources Pte. Ltd. (SRPL) with Light Network Channel 33 as the official media partner. You should not miss their next event.

I have a notebook full of notes at the end of the event. One of the major learning in that event is that all actions should be intentional. I will be sharing in my next entries my other take-aways from the speakers. So regularly check my blog.


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