Press Conference ”World’s Leading Trading Coach & Trainer”

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About Mirriam MacWIlliams

Mirriam MacWilliams, chief trainer of Wealth Mentors is America’s top stock market expert and former National Director of Education of the largest non-profit investment club.

She is a self-made millionaire. In 2 years, she turned US$10k to US$2 million in the stock market.

She has been awarded by the prestigious BrandLaureate as the “World’s Leading Trading Coach & Trainer”.

Mirriam is charismatic and engaging. We are confident that your audience will like her.

A corporate high-flyer at the peak of her career, Mirriam gave up a jet-setting job as the former Vice President of Investor Relations of a large bottling company outside of the US, and a six-figure annual salary for a little known and predominantly male-dominated area of options trading.  

Today, Mirriam has taught over 8,000 people in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Asia and USA how to trade profitably, regardless of market directions.

She has been featured on televisions, radio , newspapers and magazines in Asia. These include NTV7, TV2, Channel NewsAsia, Lite FM, Radio 938, Star, The Sunday Times, The Business Times, Share Investor, The Edge and more.

Suggested Interview Questions:

        What qualifies Mirriam MacWilliams as a trading expert?

        How she turned US$10,000 to over US$2 million in 2 years? What attributes to Mirriam’s phenomenal trading results? What sets her apart from other trading coaches?

  • She has also lost a lot of money earlier – in hindsight, what did she do wrong, and what did she do right?

  • What makes up her trading system and how can retail investors learn from her success?

        When people get burnt badly in the stock markets, what are the primary causes for their losses? How to avoid them?

– Besides investing in the stock market, what other instruments can retail investors go for? Examples ETF, Gold, Silver and Futures

        What advice would Mirriam have for someone who is taking the first step in investments? What was her learning experience when she first started out?

  • If stock trading is so lucrative, how come the schools do not teach it, and why so many people still do not understand how it works, and have yet to make their first dollar trading.

  • According to Bloomberg, more millionaires have been made in the Stock Market than any other source. Does she see a new trend of the younger generation getting back to trading, as a wealth creation strategy, armed with their laptop and internet connection?

  • With the global economy is a state of flux, is this a good time for newbies to venture into the stormy seas of trading, and what are the dangers?

  • She has taught thousands of people in USA, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia. What are their common challenges and difficulties, and what can they do to speed up the learning curve?

  • People tend to be overwhelmed by all the jargon, formula, and figures when it comes to trading. How can they start taking action now, despite their fear of not knowing enough?

  • What are your favourite stocks and why?

  • Is it crucial to put in “10,000 hours” of practise, to achieve mastery in trading?

  • Where can viewers get to know more about Mirriam?


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