What The Hack 2016: Cyber Security and IT Show

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800x445PMCM Events Management would like to invite you to be part of “What The Hack 2016: CYBER SECURITY & IT SHOW” on June 3 & 4, 2015, at the SMX Convention Center – Mall of Asia Pasay City

Join our nation’s leaders and industry experts to learn the latest trends and techniques in cyber security and on how it affects businesses here in the Philippines.

In this summit, various leaders from industry, government, and academia will join in this national conversation. It will also engage ethical hackers, penetration testers, digital forensics experts to discuss and demonstrate Advanced Persistent Threat hacking, Mobile, Wifi, Web, Database, OS Hacking as well as tackle topics on Trojans and Malwares.

Whether you belong to the government or corporate sector, let us show you all of the ways your company is currently vulnerable and how to protect it.

This year, we are collaborating with the different companies as a joint effort in bringing Cyber Security awareness and the latest trend in the IT industry to our fellow Filipinos.  More than 1000 delegates from Universities, members of the media, government agencies, and private companies are expected to attend the What the Hack 2016: Cyber Security and IT Show.

For sponsorship packages, registration and inquiries please call PMCM Events Management at 5053746 or 09178344978. You may also send an e-mail through [email protected].

If you’ll be one of our sponsors, here are the following benefits:

  • Access to specific niche/target market
    • This event will be attended by all IT security specialists and IT professionals. Private companies and University officials will also be present.  Hacking and Digital Forensics enthusiasts are also joining.
  • Corporate brand image enhancement
    • Sponsoring this event is a valuable for of corporate image enhancement especially for major service providers that lack tangible product.
  • Build brand awareness of your company’s services / products
    • You can effectively capitalize on this event to build brand awareness because this event is patronized by your target market.
  • Influence consumer attitudes about your product / services brand
    • Your company may use this sponsorship as a strategy to build credibility and link your services to the success of the event.
  • Improve relationships with your clients and target market
    • Your company may be seeking to develop stronger relationships with clients or target market that currently uses your products or services, or to establish a new market. One of the many ways is to use this sponsorship as an incentive for your clients to be invited as guests of the sponsor and entertained royally in the sponsor’s box.
  • Achieve product sales and merchandising opportunities
    • This gives your company the opportunity to both sell and promote your products and give away samples to your target audience.
  • Demonstrate your product’s attributes
    • WTH event can be used by sponsors to demonstrate new products or technology.
  • Provide employee rewards and recognition
    • Companies often perceive the sponsorship of an event as a way of giving their employees access to an event and/or tickets to reward or motivate them. In sponsoring the WTH, you get a certain number of complimentary tickets which the company can use to reward staff in sending them to the event as delegates.
  • Creating goodwill and climate of consent for your company’s activities
    • Create an image in the IT and Cyber Security community of being good and supportive corporate citizens.
  • Entertain your clients with corporate hospitality
    • Corporate hospitality is an important drawcard for sponsors, especially those with business-to-business clients. In the WTH event, you have the opportunity to entertain key clients in an informal and enjoyable environment.  Where working relationships are quite intense, corporate hospitality events can break down the barriers and create social bonds that forge a better relationship between suppliers and clients.

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